"Jonahgold" stands up solo

Under the device - "I guess I'll have to do it myself then...",
veteran producer, musician and sound-engineer "Jonahgold" (aka Goldington) stands up from the mixing desk and grabs the mic.
Relevant reggae with relevant lyrics, as fit.

Debut album from Jonahgold (aka Goldington) Oct 27.
"Singing In Self Defence"

EPK/Pressrelease/Press Pics/Bio

Stop All Madness
Final single from the upcoming album "Singing In Self Defence"

Third solo release from Jonahgold is a guide to the gifted in a twisted world.
Release date January 26, 2023

Scammers and Schemers (Dub Version) turned out quite nicely...
Release date Sept 27, 2023.

Pressrelease with bio and press pic
Pressrelease Swedish version: "Agenter och Operatörer"

Release date Dec 16, 2022. P & C Goldheart music


Release date Swedish Version October 16, 2022. P & C Goldheart Music

Release date English version October 25, 2022. P & C Goldheart Music


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