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Jonahgold is a musician, producer, sound-engineer and head of Goldheart Music. Now also a soloartist, singing his own reggae tunes celebrating life and individual freedom. Jonahgold was tight with Rub-a-Dub Records and legends like Internal Dread and Dennis Bovell. He resonates and works with artists like Uwe Banton, Million Stylez and Desmond Foster. ”Gold” has worked with a long list of international artists like: Busy Signal, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Papa Dee, Daweh Congo, Perfect, Hüsnü Senlendrici, Mad Professor, Leafnuts, Jaqee, Dag Vag, Kapten Röd, Reggaeterians, Kalle Baah and on an on...
He is lyrically keen and sharply focused on supporting the free people of the free world.

”Jonahgold” solo cataloge:
Title: Stand Up Stand Straight
Digital singel. October 25 2022. ISRC: SEWXT2200102
Titel: Stå Upp Stå Rakt
Digital singel. 16:e Oktober 2022. ISRC: SEWXT2200101
Title: No Authority
Digital singel. December 16 2022. ISRC: SEWXT2200103
Titel: Noll Auktoritet
Digital singel. December 16 2022. ISRC: SEWXT2200104
Title: Scammers and Schemers
Digital singel. January 26. ISRC: SEWXT2300101
Title: Agenter och Operatörer
Digital singel, January 26 2023. SEWXT2300201
Titel: Drip For Drop
Digital singel,March 24, 2023. ISRC: SEWXT2300401
Titel: Skam På Torra Land
Goldheart Music ISRC: SEWXT2300201
Titel: Stop All Madness
Digital singel,April 21, 2023. ISRC: SEWXT2300601
Titel: Dub All Madness
Goldheart Music ISRC: SEWXT2300602

Some highlights from the Goldheart Music cataloge:
Sheya Mission "Valley" (single) 1999 Started a trend of independent releases.
Daweh Congo "Steppin" (single) 2004 Loved by critics and hard-core fans.
Daweh Congo "Ghetto Skyline" (album) 2009 Album of the month. John Masouri/Echoes.
Sheya Mission "Nine Signs & Heavy Bliss (album) 2011 Secretely brillant take on reggae.
Daweh Congo "Dubby Skyline" (album) 2013 Loved by critics and dub-heads alike.
Rob Symeonn "Indigenous" (album) 2014 With Jah Youth Productions.

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About the album “Singing In Self Defence” by Jonahgold:

The debut solo album from Jonahgold draws from decades of experience producing and working with top artists and musicians in the field. Crucial lessons have been learned from Dennis Bovell, Internal Dread, Gordon Cyrus, Leafnuts just to name a few. Many legendary names show up on the album. Zilverzurf passed by to add trembling guitars. Desmond Foster blessed a track and layed down the tighest bass anyone has ever recorded (We Naah Bow). Daniel Spahni mastered some drums just like he does with Linton Kwesi Johnson and the Dennis Bovell Dub Band. “Mysticman” didn't add much except for a lickle chip-guitar but was in charge of quality control without even knowing it. Janne Baah opened the Red Hut Studio in Skärblacka and added his expertise of mixing treble and bass. Papa Dee, DJ Rock Ski/Ayodele Shekoni, Brynn Settels, Million Stylez and many many more pros gave advice and encouragement.

Jonahgold's reggae is modern. Influenced by the times yet firmly grounded in a roots tradition. Organs and guitars squeal and distort while the drums punch their way through the mix in an up to date kind of way. Some of the chord progressions will bring joy to jazz and funk lovers. The dub aspect is always there. Lyrics is what it's all about so take a dive and join in...!

The 11-track album is as a whole a response to the events the world has just witnessed and is still witnessing. Reggae has traditionally been a vehicle for standing up for human rights, as well as a source of information. This album is in line with this fine tradition. It is also a call for other artists to speak up. The time to do so is now!

Veteran, producer and sound-engineer Jonahgold stands up from the mixingdesk and grabs the microphone under the device: - ”I guess I'll have to do it myself then...”.